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The Macs Patel Brothers Brokerage is an award winning brokerage in the region. We are a dynamic company that is highly motivated and customer orientated. We see our clientele as our most valued asset.

The policy of our business is to provide objective and comprehensive advice to our clients at all times. The business is into its third generation, whereby decades of sound financial advice is available on offer.

We provide a range of products and services that include Commercial, Corporate, Motor and Household Risk.

We are also affiliated with various service providers to ensure your individual needs are met.


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Our accounting team is a very effective group of trained accountants that are able to compile accounting records from basic source documents to financial statement level. The result being a product that enables our clients to have meaningful information in financial statement format to facilitate management to make important business decisions. We also compile monthly management statements for our clients that prove to be a very effective financial management tool together with our explanatory graphs which makes analysing financial data more effective. We also discuss financial performance and cash flow with our clients at partner level and suggest ways forward to increase profits and to grow your business.

Macs Patel Brothers knows the importance of proper tax planning for expanding businesses. Therefore our professional staff will assist in optimising your tax planning in order to get maximum benefits now and in the future. We also take care of the administrative duties related to registering for tax, submission of provisional and annual tax returns and liaising with SARS (South African Revenue Service) on your behalf.

Our services include:

  • Completion and submission of all provisional income tax returns
  • Completion and submission of annual income tax returns for individuals, companies and closed corporations
  • Calculation of Income Tax Liability
  • Verifying Income Tax Assessments
  • Objections to SARS 
  • Application for tax directives and tax clearance certificates
  • Payroll administration
  • Completion and submission of VAT Returns
  • Completion and submission of PAYE/SDL/UIF Returns
  • Salary Structuring
  • Tax, PAYE & VAT registration for individuals and companies


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As registered CIPC administrators we are able to register legal entities for our customers. Not only do we perform registrations, we also have the experience to advise our clients on association agreements and on the legal entity which best suit their needs. Our team of professionals has years of experience in registering, administrating and updating the broad spectrum of business forms which include:

  • Closed Corporations (no new CC's can be registered since 1 April 2011)
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Cooperation's
  • Body Corporates
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietors

Additional services:

  • Drawing Up Of Partnership Agreements
  • Association Agreements For Close Corporations
  • Close Corporation Amendments
  • CIPC Annual Returns

Tax and Labour Registrations:

  • Income Tax Registrations
  • Personal Income Tax Registrations
  • PAYE / UIF / SDL Registrations
  • VAT Registrations
  • WCA Registrations


General Dealer store located on the ground floor specialising in Indian spices, rice and gas products.

Starting a new business? Have you got full knowledge of the changing legislation? Do you have time to keep up with the multitudes of statutory red tape? Probably not.

Through our Company Secretarial Service offering, we can ensure that you comply with all legislated requirements. 

Our statutory services include: 

  • Conversions of companies and corporations
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Submission of Annual Returns
  • Amendments to and registration of statutory details
  • Registered Office Facility
  • Voluntary liquidations
  • Registration of taxes and levies
  • Formation and registration of companies and corporations
  • Maintaining minutes of meetings

We are also in the best position to advise you on the most appropriate vehicle through which to conduct business - be it a company, close corporation, partnership, trust or sole trader. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these depending on individual needs and aspirations. An incorrect choice can have unforeseen and expensive consequences.


Estate planning, along with tax planning, is an essential part of your personal finance portfolio. Changing personal circumstances as well as amendments to legislation and financial environment make it imperative for everyone to look carefully at the way their affairs are ordered. 

Estate planning is complex. Overlooking or neglecting any aspect thereof can create problems in the future. To prevent this, Macs Patel Brothers can advise on estate plans to ensure compliance with all legal and personal requirements.

Some questions to consider:

  • How and when should you retire?
  • How can you protect your family financially in the future?
  • What are the financial implications if you or any of your family emigrates?
  • As a family business, how can you provide for those actively involved as well as those who are not?
  • How can you prevent a divorce from becoming a disaster?


Is your will up-to-date, reflecting your current circumstances and future intentions? Our specialised staff can review your existing will, deeds of trust and other agreements to ensure that they are fully in accordance with your wishes and, if necessary, effect any changes or arrange for new documents to be drawn up. 

We tailor your planning to fit your unique needs, stressing the features most important to you and including the full spectrum of possibilities - providing for your spouse or partner, protecting children, maintenance of minors and dependents, and taking care of elderly or disabled relatives. Of course we also make it our business to ensure the tax efficiency of these plans and optimise estate duty savings, within the context of your own circumstances, priorities and preferences.


We provide a comprehensive financial planning service to individuals, partnerships, corporates, trusts and charities. We help people manage their financial affairs, to achieve their lifetime goals through well researched advice and effective implementation. We provide guidance in expanding wealth and creating passive income by means of different investment strategies, specifically including share investing through Moso (Pty) Ltd.

Increasing complexity of financial products and a need to consider taxation, exchange control and estate planning issues, make it essential to consult an independent specialist financial adviser. As part of our services we are able to provide the necessary expertise whether you're considering offshore investment, share investments, relocating abroad or require international retirement and investment planning advice.

Our service:

  • Formation and/or revision of pension, provident and group benefits
  • Financial plans and investment solutions (local and offshore) for individuals including lifestyle objectives, tax planning, cash flow planning and risk management
  • Retirement plans and estate planning
  • Business assurance including buy and sell arrangements, sureties that are not covered, inadequate provision for repayment of loan accounts and key person assurance
  • Business partners' and shareholders' insurance
  • Healthcare and medical aids
  • Life and disability cover
  • Treasury and cash management services

We are affiliated with AMAX BEE - a registered IRBA BEE verification agency. To visit their site for more BEE related information click on the link below.

Compliance to the BEE regulations is becoming increasingly relevant for the success of your business and we have had various clients who grow their business dramatically because they complied with the BEE regulations.

With the correct BEE structuring and advice one can achieve a competitive BEE level without necessarily giving away ownership of your business.

On 7 Dec 2011 BEE compliance became compulsory for all government contracts and this has a direct impact on all entities in the economy to also comply with the BEE regulations.

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