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Baboobhai Dayhabhai Patel established his business B.D Patel Bookkeeping in 1953 in Louis Trichardt and was joined thereafter by his eldest son Madhukant Patel in 1956 and together they founded Macs Patel Brothers. The name Macs is an acronym that originated from the names of the four sons of B D Patel, a legacy to run for the generations to follow.

Baboobhai Patel arrived in South Africa in 1925 and was an active member of the Indian Association, a teacher and also established himself in the bookkeeping industry in Louis Trichardt. He imparted his knowledge and experience to be taken forth by his sons Madhukant Patel, Chitranjan Patel, Devendra Patel and Sharadh Patel who carried on in the professional accounting business spanning its 60 year success.

Macs Patel Brothers thus then established itself to be a leading formidable institution within the Business and Indian Community of Louis Trichardt and Limpopo Province.

Currently Mehul Patel and Jiten Patel have joined Macs Patel Brothers in the year 2008 to carry forth the legacy that was started by their grandfather, B.D Patel. Their academic knowledge combined with their experience has helped sustain and keep Macs Patel Brothers current, in-form and up to date to provide the best possible service.